Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs & Skilled Professionals
We help startups & entrepreneurs solve their financial back-office problems.
Startups and Entrepreneurs

We help start-ups and entrepreneurs solve their cash problems – in business, as well as, personal finances. After all, business wealth is tied to personal wealth. We help the ambitious entrepreneur with a service-based business up to $10MM in annual revenues. We help entrepreneurs sharpen their CEO-skills, and better navigate business operations, the financial dashboard, grow their business empire, and learn how to proactively exit plan. We also guide on passive income investing options and superior asset protection that also affords incredible tax savings. From bookkeeping, investor deck preparations, forecasting and understanding financial statements, or wealth education, we are here to help.

Skilled Professional

If you’re a skilled professional like an engineer, doctor, or architect, that would rather work in your craft and not the back-office, we can also help as a strategic fractional COO (Chief Operating Officer) in addition to fractional CFO guidance, to help you focus on what you do best and enjoy most, while still experiencing a growing profitable business.

Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur Money Mastermind

Most entrepreneurs are busy, heads down, building their business. Only to look up and see that they can feel isolated, or that years have gone by and they haven’t gotten around to building other passive income streams or learning about investing outside of their business. In our new group mastermind specifically for entrepreneurs and the small business owner, we will meet weekly to strategically discuss topics related to moving your business or personal wealth forward. Financial experts will also frequent the group. Sign up here to join the waitlist.

Services Available


CFO Services

Deck Presentation Creation

Corporate Tax Filing

COO Services

Business Modeling

Cash Flow Management

Wealth Education & Asset Protection

Exit Planning

The Challenge

Most founders choose a DIY approach for everything in their business to save money. We understand where you’re coming from. You want to keep your expenses low and preserve cash. We get it.

Although saving a bit of money in the short term is tempting, we believe this can be a costly decision in the long term.

Here is why:

You might spend 20 hours each month doing your accounting and save $300 by not paying for an outsourced bookkeeper or CFO. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you spent 20 hours per month getting new customers or increasing sales in your business instead of bookkeeping?

If you can spend 20 hours and make an additional $1,000 in revenue for your business, it’s basically free ;). You’ve paid for the cost of outsourcing bookkeeping at $300 and made an extra $700.

The opportunity cost of outsourcing certain non-income generating tasks comes down to the saying, “don’t trip over a quarter trying to pick up a nickel.