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We help entrepreneurs to large companies and state governments solve their finance & treasury problems.
Why Hire Us?

Laser Focused

You are laser-focused on building your business for the future. Running the financial back-office is a major drag, or business is great but you feel under-capitalized in your personal wealth.

Big Dreams

You have big dreams for your business and your investments — and you don’t want to settle for less or work until you die.

True Freedom

You want to experience true freedom, living life on your terms. You’re working hard to make it all happen.


You want to make sure your financial strategies are working just as hard as you are and you are not willing to let your business crumble, or retire and let the IRS take it all away from you.

Services Available

CFO Services

COO Services


Business Funding

Treasury Outsourcing

Exit Planning

Wealth Creation & Planning


Speaking Engagements

Foundationally, every entrepreneur to large business to investment fund, is focused on one core tenet – cash. How to optimize cash flow in their business, how to optimize cash flow in their personal finances – all things thrive on cash. In speaking engagements, Nicole can speak on the following topics:

  • Bank relationship best practices for Investment Funds, Government agencies, large middle market businesses
  • Treasury Management trends, best practices or education
  • Passive income planning, wealth creation & protection for entrepreneurs
  • Effective business exit options for Small Business owners